We have created extension documention. If you have any issues, please have a look there first. 


Having problems with Copper? Do you need assistance figuring out how to get something done? Please have a look in our documentation. If you didn’t find the answer, please eMail us.

If you have trouble with a specific EAGLE .brd file it would help a lot if you could attach the .brd to the eMail. Of course we will only store the .brd file as long as it takes to find the error and will delete it permanently afterwards.

About me

I am passionate maker. Have been my whole live. I love to make things. And I love to share my work. This is why I love tinkering with electronics, 3D printing and many other things.

I have been developing software my whole life starting with a C64 :-). Whenever I find flaws in existing software I try to develop workflows or software to fix it. Sometimes it’s a whole new software, like Copper. I love creating PCBs, but I hate all the tiny micro management involved if you want to create a 3D models of it or get it manufactured and the needed parts.

That’s why I created Copper. It’s for myself. For my own needs. And I think this is what makes good software: It fixes the pains of the creator. Copper does that for me, and I really hope it does the same for you! Appfruits is located in Hamburg, Germany.